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Chartering terms

“Adopted” Charter

If a charter “agreed” in that way following negotiations between, for instance, BIMCO and one or more groups representing charterers is officially supported by another association of shipowners, for instance, the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom, it is stated that the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom has ” adopted” the charter; or on the other hand, if BIMCO wants to support one or the other charter negotiated and “agreed” between the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom and one or more groups of charterers, then it is stated that the charter has been adopted by BIMCO. Moreover, a document issued by an organization of shipowners, for instance INTERTANKO, for use in a special trade without having actually been “agreed” with any particular group of charterers, may be adopted by BIMCO. An adopted document is compulsory for the members of the organization who have adopted it if it is an “agreed” document.

“Agreed” Charter

The charter has been agreed between BIMCO (or The Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom or Cornite Central des Armateurs de France or other associations of shipowners) with one ore more groups of charterers or other institutions (for instance, the Polish Coal Charter Committee, the Timber Trade Federation of the United Kingdom, the Syndicat National du Commerce Exterieur de Cereales, Paris or CMEA, Moscow). The printed conditions of an “agreed’ charter must not be altered or deleted without the express approval of the organizations who have agreed the charter, An “agreed” document is compulsory for the trade for which it is intended, e.x. the sugar trade.

“Approved” Charter

This is the expression used for charters – whether “agreed”, “adopted” or “recommended”.

“Issued” Charter

A form of Charter-Party for the establishment of which it might be said that BIMCO is responsible, is referred to as “issued” by BIMCO.

“Recommended” Charter

When there has been no proper groups of charterers with whom to negotiate a particular charter, for instance. “Gencon” Charter it is issued as a “recommended” charter. The same is the case if the parties with which a charter has been negotiated will not be able to bind their members to use the charter as a clean document. This is the position, for instance, for the “Norgrain” Charter and the ‘Nuvoy” Charter. Whereas BIMCO naturally wishes the printed text of a “recommended” charter to be followed by charterers and shipowners. there were no compulsion in this respect.