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Logistic engineering

Engineering solutions for Logistics

We cooperate with our customers to optimize their logistics and transportation costs while maximizing its quality.

The services we offer begin even before the production of the components that are to be transported. With our support to product engineering departments, this allow simplification for transportation and logistics, after the manufacturing process.

  • Feasibility studies for land and sea transport of heavy loads.
  • Evaluation and technical proposals, “Method Statements”.
  • Estimation and optimization of Engineering costs, resources material and human.
  • Scheduling logistics projects deadlines.
  • HAZID analysis
  • Preparation of HAZID risk analysis and incorporation of HSE standards during planning and operational phase.
  • Coordination of inspections and standards DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Noble Denton.
  • Design, development and tool manufacturing for transporting of special heavy duty industrial parts.
  • Development of industrial technical solutions directly linked to optimization throughout the supply chain.
  • Optimization of stowage plans and loading sequences.
  • Analysis suitable hoisting methods in 3D format selecting available resources in each scenario.
  • Generation of drawing plans for all types of hoisting loads, both shore cranes and floating cranes, design and calculation of lifting gear for heavy duty parts.
  • Design, calculation and selection of lifting gear and lashing catalog or a bespoke depending of each scenario.
  • Analytical structural analysis or finite element analysis “FEA” calculating stress and strain for lifting gear, handling and transportation elements.