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About us

Get To Know Leeward

A worldwide organization that offers high-level solutions in transportation and logistics

We live in the age of globalization, of the immediate response. The world moves under the speed that is dictated by the needs derived from the new concept of time and space. It has become clear that deadlines are getting shorter and long distances are easily achieved.

It is essential to the work of those who know, in depth, the transportation sector and large-scale trading, to be able to give proper and efficient coverage within this constant flow of exchanges.

 With this understanding and the merger of several companies with different activities, Leeward has built and designed its model to address all logistic services and transportation


The companies that make up Leeward

Since 1998, our stronghold is the Supply Chain
LEEWARD is the result of the merger of several companies under the same ownership, all of which are dedicated to the Supply Chain Management

Why Leeward?

Leeward’s primary focus is to provide excellent services by offering an optimal solution to any requests made by our customer.

Leeward is embedded with an integral vision of trading and transportation, which derive from our own divisions and offices, used to apprehend any hindrance with efficiency and responsibility.

We go the additional mile because we know that there is where our reward and your expectation meets.


Tailor made project structure design and implementation
Chartering experts in Heavy Lift cargoes
Large expertise in EPCs
Project Risk assessment
Full web based line item visibility
Specific supports throughout the different phases of the project

Leeward is fully committed in its defense of the environment.

All means of transport, airfreight, sea freight and road transport with which we work, cover long-distances routes. To this regard, our collaborators, who are equally strongly committed with the environment, also aim to minimize carbon emissions. Our trucks are equipped with the most modern systems in order to reduce environmental impact and to increase energy saving, by way of low diesel consumption and low emission of particles in suspension and diesel exhaust fumes.

Likewise, Leeward promotes an environmentally friendly culture throughout the Company, building its employees’ awareness of the importance of recycling, energy efficiency and good management of water use by furnishing its offices and warehouses with the appropriate equipment. Leeward seeks to develop and maintain appropriate emergency response programs where required by legislation, safety or environmental hazards exist.