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Transport, projects Logistics & Engineering, Freight Forwarders

Services we offer

A worldwide organization that offers high-level solutions in transportation and logistics

Freight forwarders

The best logistics operation should go smoothly

Logistics services

Leeward standard: excellence in personal service

Industrial proyects

Large experience in industrial market and renewable energy

Logistic engineering

Engineering solutions for logistics

Case studies

Some of our recent works
Transportation El Musel (Gijón) – Aqaba (Jordania)
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Daerator & Storage Tank S.Korea – Yambu
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Generator & Turbine Germany
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Boiler Modules S.Korea – Germany
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Turbine Germany – Bangladesh
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17 Own operational hubs and more than 200 offices with strategic partners

Solid organizational structure with own offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America Image of Leeward World

Collaboration Técnicas Reunidas and Leeward España

Técnicas Reunidas thanks to Leeward his collaboration during 2017 to do feasible the export of their technology and equipments to 31 countries (ABC 28 June 2017)

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LEEWARD ESPAÑA Accompanies President Rajoy to Brazil on his “Business meeting Brazil – Spain"

Leeward España has been presently in the meetings held by President Mariano Rajoy in Brazil during the First “Encuentro Empresarial España-Brasil” last April in Sao Paulo.

Said meeting was attended also for a total of 50 Spanish Companies, some of them with permanent presence in Brasil like Leeward who holds two Offices: one in Sao Paulo and another in Salvador de Bahia.

The meeting, organized by ICEX, Cámara de España en Brasil, CEOE and Camara Brasil España, had the purpose to “strengthen ties and help to the Spanish Companies to get more oportunities of business and investments in Brazil.

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